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Use ready made APIs to query your data and create highly performant dashboards 10x faster

Self Host
Ready made APIs to query your data
Frolic provides a ready made APIs to query all your data. This removes the need to write multiple APIs for different dashboard components and their database queries.
curl --location 'http://localhost/api' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--data '{
      "metrics": [
          "field": "products.price",
          "aggregate_operator": "sum"
      "dimensions": [
          "field": "products.category"

    "data": [
            "products.price": "51",
            "products.category": "Gizmo"
            "products.category": "Doohickey",
            "products.price": "42"
Performant APIs
Frolic is built using Rust which is more faster and saves compute resources compared to other web frameworks
Use caching to reduce latency of your API requests
Query Engine
Frolic's query engine automatically converts API queries into database queries.
Build Dashboard UI Faster
Use our open source react component library to create your dashboard UI and charts much faster.
npm i frolic-react
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